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We believe that all children have the ability and potential to succeed in life
regardless of their family background.

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Festival for Good 2020 People’s Choice Award winner

Proven Results

  • More than 90% of our students improved within 6 months.
  • 3 in 4 students obtained at least a B for their O/N Levels.
  • 3 in 4 students obtained an A for A Levels H2 Mathematics.

Why Choose TLCS?

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Specialised Curricula

As a specialist centre in English and Math, we pride ourselves in the development and update of our own resources. MOE updates and reviews the subject syllabuses and examinations every few years, and our subject specialists work hard to constantly update and align our curricula with the latest MOE and examination syllabuses. We prepare our students for the latest trending questions and guide them to think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively, so as to excel academically. You can view our free learning resources to have a firsthand look at how our curriculum is different from others!

Personalised Learning

Our educators are subject experts who are always available to guide our students in consultations outside class, whether face-to-face, on Zoom or via WhatsApp. Our class sizes are small (average class size is 3), and that allows us to customise and personalise the learning for each and every student.

Social Impact

We pride ourselves in moulding our students to become virtuous individuals that contribute positively back to society. We put our hearts and souls to help transform the community and provide equitable education for all children regardless of their family background through a variety of programmes, and our students are encouraged to join us in helping and serving our beneficiaries. 
Read more about our social impact to find out how we have impacted the lives of less-privileged children.

Newly established in 2019, we are already the top choice in English and Mathematics tuition for more than 300+ parents and students.

Explanations – simple and spot on!

Rated 5 out of 5

Mr Ong is superb and extremely experienced in his teachings for O level E math. The explanations are simple and spot on. Repetitive practice and learning from our mistakes during the lesson definitely helped to me to improve immensely. Highly recommend for the affordable prices too!

Avatar for Tausar Bao
Tausar Bao

F9 to A1 for O level

Rated 5 out of 5

I first heard of TLCS from my seniors and friends and they had nothing but good things to say about the teachers here. So I decided to give it a shot and true to their words, Mr Caron Ong is an phenomenal teacher. He is professional, patient and efficient. He explains math concepts really well and I can understand Amath better after attending his lessons. In secondary 3, I failed Amath the whole year, F9s after F9s. However after I joined TLCS that’s when I started to see drastic improvement and for O ‘levels, I scored an A1 for Amath. I am soo thankful and grateful for the guidance Mr Ong has given me since sec 3 and I am more confident in Amath now! Thank you TLCS and thank you Mr Ong!!

Avatar for Kai En
Kai En

Kind & Patient teacher

Rated 5 out of 5

Mr Ong is such a kind and patient teacher! He was able to attend to any questions that I had doubt with and would always give good tips or advices that would be useful for exams 🙂 In addition, he also was very nice and willing to give me advice regarding subject combinations for JC ! Thanks for teaching me Amath Mr Ong!

Avatar for Siti Nur Qistinah
Siti Nur Qistinah

Helpful & Accommodating

Rated 5 out of 5

Mr Ong was helpful and accommodating to my schedule! I lost touch with mathematics for 3 years and had to go back to a few basics which Mr Ong gladly helped me to 🙂 It was comfortable asking him any questions! The environment was conducive too.

Avatar for Sherilyn Loh
Sherilyn Loh

Significant Improvement

Rated 5 out of 5

After joining TLCS, I noticed significant improvement in A.math and English. For A.math, my grades jumped from c6 to a2, and for English, the jump was c6 to b4. Mr Ong and Ms Sabrina are able explain difficult portions clearly :> Thank You TLCS!!

Avatar for Candence Tan
Candence Tan

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