Ever wondered why some people are able to concentrate and study while listening to music and some aren’t able to? Or why some students do not write out their notes, yet they are able to understand just by listening to the teacher? Well that is because we all have our own unique ways of studying. If you have been struggling to study effectively, maybe you have yet to discover your type of learning style. Let’s find out about the different kinds of learning styles outthere!

There are 4 types of learning styles: Visual learners, Auditory learners, Reading & Writing learners and Kinesthetic learners. Below is an overview of all four learningstyles. Find out which style suits you plus tips to study effectively for the different styles!

⭐️Tips for Visual Learners 👀

  • Incorporate white spaces in your notes
  • Draw symbols and pictures
  • Use flashcards
  • Create a mind map

⭐️Tips for Auditory Learners 👂🏼

  • Read your notes aloud
  • Work in quiet areas to reduce distractions
  • Record yourself reading key terms
  • Repeat facts with eyes closed

⭐️Tips for Reading & Writing Learners 📝

  • Take notes. Lots of notes
  • Rewrite these notes
  • Use bullet point lists
  • Turn diagram and charts into words

⭐️Tips for Kinesthetic Learners 🖐🏼

  • Walk as you recite or practice information
  • Listen to music as you study
  • Study in short blocks of time with frequent but short breaks
  • Use a computer to type out information

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