Our History

Our founder, Caron Ong, met countless students who had the desire to do well, but faced many challenges in their attempts to do so when he was teaching in a public school. For many students, they are either unable to keep up with their schoolwork or do not feel challenged enough from the generalized resources given at school. In school, teachers have to manage with large class sizes and are unable to dedicate enough time and resources to provide every child with focused academic help. Armed with a dream of providing quality education, Caron Ong founded TLCS in 2019. TLCS’ educators teach from the heart to help bring out the best in every child. At TLCS, we also believe that all children have the ability and potential to succeed in life regardless of their family background and thus seek to provide equitable education through our social programmes.

Our Team

Mr Caron Ong
Mathematics Specialist

Mr Caron Ong is our Founder and Mathematics Specialist. He is in love with Mathematics (first love), Liverpool FC (second love) and his wife (true love). An ex-MOE teacher, he used to be a Subject Head for Curriculum Innovation and Mathematics, but decided that more can be done to help the less-privileged children in Singapore, so he took the plunge to leave MOE and set up TLCS. He loves teaching and learning, and is currently enrolled in a Masters in Mathematics Education programme with the National Institute of Education, believing that it will benefit all the children he teaches in future.

Ms Sabrina Ng
English Specialist
Head of Social Impact

Ms Sabrina Ng is our English Specialist. She is an ex-MOE English and Humanities teacher who loves to bring the classroom to life with real-world examples. She enjoys sharing with her students the wonders and peculiarities of English and hopes to inspire her students to love the language and use it with confidence. Widely experienced with students who come from different backgrounds, she sees education as an opportunity and teaching gives every child this opportunity. With that belief, Ms Sabrina is also committed to designing the centre’s academic support programmes for underprivileged students in the community.

Ms Jarelyn Chew
English and Maths Educator

Ms Jarelyn Chew is an ex-MOE Mathematics and English teacher who enjoys trying new things and working with the youth. She believes in challenging her students (and herself) to get out of their comfort zone because that is where they (we) will learn the most about ourselves, others and the world. As an educator, she hopes to not just impart knowledge, but also to raise awareness of what is happening in the world today and help draw links between them. Above all, she hopes to inspire in the youth that learning is a lifelong pursuit and it should never wane.

Ms Moon Ho
Primary Educator

Ms Ho is our Primary English and Mathematics educator. She has been teaching for more than two decades and some of her ex-students have also become teachers themselves. She has a great passion for teaching and she thinks that it is important to inculcate the right values in her students from a young age. She also believes that every child is a miracle and each and every child should deserve an equal chance to learn through fun and engaging lessons. 

Ms Pearlyn Chen
Mathematics Educator

Ms Pearlyn is our Primary Mathematics teacher. She is an ex-student of ours who benefited from our social programmes, and wishes to contribute back in TLCS. An aspiring social worker, she is passionate in wanting to help the less-privileged in society. She hopes to use her Mathematics ability to teach and inspire the children she teaches. She loves dancing, so you might catch her practising with her friends in and around the region!

Ms Nadya Oh
Digital Marketer

A digital marketing trainee under National Youth Council’s YouthTech programme, Nadya is passionate about learning about the digitalised world and making a difference in the social service sector. She is also a sports enthusiast who has a diploma in sports and wellness management. You can catch her playing different types of sports, especially tennis, during her free time!

Ms Yu Ki
Digital Designer

A digital design trainee under National Youth Council’s YouthTech programme, Yuki is passionate in video creation & video editing. She is also a cat lover and has a passion for animal welfare. Mummy of two adorable cats!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi