Ms Sabrina Ng
English Specialist
Head of Social Impact

Primary & Secondary Tuition | Centre-based & Online Classes

Our signature English Curriculum spans all 10 years of education from Primary 1 to Secondary 4, and is fully developed in-house by our English Specialist Sabrina Ng.

Besides being closely aligned to the latest MOE syllabuses, here are some other key features of our English curriculum that will help your child unlock his/her potential and score for English.

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The TLCS Approach to English Learning

Tackle Early

Our English curriculum focuses on righting the basics in the early stages. We make sure that our students are familiar with the grammar rules and expose them to vocabulary based on different themes. Having a strong foundation in English grammar and vocabulary provides our students with the groundwork to communicate confidently and effectively.

Loving the Language

Our English classes provide our students with plenty of opportunities to listen, observe and experience how the language is used. We develop our students’ interest in the language by inviting them to wonder and encouraging them to share through communicative and immersive activities.

Constant Practice

We know how difficult it can be to have to always work on the same things, so we have a mix of bite-size and full-length practices. To reinforce our students’ learning, we ensure that they are given practices that are closely aligned with the MOE syllabus and lots of opportunities to speak and write.

Study Smart

Our students are taught the different techniques to tackle the questions they will face during the examination. We strategically choose materials that we know our students can master given enough time and effort and, give them ample room to challenge themselves and expand their potential.

Resource Exemplars

TLCS is just like a second family to me. Being in TLCS has been an amazing experience so far and I’ve never regret my decision joining. The teachers there are all very patient and always willing to take the extra step to help. Attending classes there are never stressful and restricting as we are allowed to voice out whenever we have doubts! Besides, TLCS is a conducive and safe place to study with the cozy study room prepared for us! The amount of thought and care put into each and every student is truly admirable. I would recommend everyone to join TLCS!

Ashley Ong, Kranji Secondary School

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