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Maths Specialist

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Our signature Math Curriculum spans all 12 years of education from Primary 1 to Junior College 2, and is fully developed in-house by our Mathematics Specialist Caron Ong.

Besides being closely aligned to the latest MOE syllabuses and fully catered for the coming Subject-Based Banding curricula, here are some other key features of our Math curriculum that will help your child unlock his/her potential and score for Math.

The TLCS Approach to Mathematics Mastery

Teaching for Understanding

Our Math curriculum utilizes Teaching for Understanding, a teaching approach developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education that guides students to think critically, analyse information, solve problems and make meaning of what they have learnt.

As the national exams move towards testing for understanding, it is more important than ever to gain better conceptual understanding so as to be able to tackle the higher order thinking questions.

As our curriculum spans Primary 1 to Junior College 2, we have had the opportunity to understand intimately the nuances of the curriculum and link concepts together across levels. As a result, our notes are designed such that gaps in learning while transitioning across the various levels of study (Primary, Secondary and Junior College) are minimised. Our notes are also designed such that students of various abilities are able to learn the same concepts at different pace within the same worksheet.

Contextual Problems

In order for our students to gain an appreciation of the beauty of Math and its relevancy in our everyday life, we strive to incorporate as many real life contextual problems as we can in our notes. These problems help to engage our students and arouse their interest. With this increase in interest, our students can understand and have better retention of the various concepts, resulting in them being able to apply them during examinations.

Many of these problems require our students to think critically, problem solve and analyse information – skills that are essential in order to flourish in their future careers.

Skills and Concepts Mastery

A carpenter needs to know what the individual tools at his disposal are and how to use them properly before being tasked to build complex furniture. Similarly, students must understand the various concepts in the curriculum and how to use them skilfully before tackling complex problems.

We have analysed the Math curriculum from Primary 1 to Junior College 2 and identified hundreds of concepts and skills that students need to master before they can tackle complex problems comfortably. Our notes are designed to ensure that our students develop strong conceptual understanding and master the skills required so that they are able to then tackle more complex problems that are common in examinations.

Resource Exemplars

TLCS has helped me improve so much, not only in terms of academic results, but also as an individual. Before joining TLCS, I had been getting only Bs for Lower Secondary Maths and struggled initially with Upper Secondary Maths. It was only after joining that I start to see a huge improvement and consistency in my Maths. I would like to credit all these to Mr Caron Ong. Mr Caron Ong explains Maths concepts really well, and it is easy for us to understand. I always look forward to his classes because the lessons are never mundane. I joined TLCS at the start of Secondary 3, and I really enjoyed myself so much I stayed all the way even till now in Junior College. Thank you TLCS!

Fou Ning Xin, Kranji Secondary School

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