Online Tuition

Affordable P1 to JC online tuition!

Prepare for PSLE, N’ Levels, O’ Levels, A’Levels and more from the comfort of your home.


Ask questions and get answers in real time. Just like our centre-based tuition, our online tuition classes are kept small to ensure quality learning.


Enjoy affordable learning at your convenience. Our online tuition classes recreate the classroom from the comfort of your home. Lessons are recorded as well, so you need not fear missing any lessons.


Our expert subject educators make use of effective teaching methods and resources designed in-house that are closely aligned to the latest MOE syllabuses.

How does the FREE TRIAL LESSON work?

1. Fill in the form below.

2. We will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable time slot for the trial lesson.

3. The Zoom ID information and access to resources will be sent via email and/or WhatsApp.

You’ll just need to prepare a computer or tablet to enjoy TLCS’ Live Online Tuition experience.

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