We are #notjustanothertuitioncentre. At TLCS, we believe that all children have the ability and potential to succeed in life regardless of their family background. A social enterprise with Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE), we are committed to providing equitable education for all children.

Education is a powerful tool to bridge social divide and we hope to do our part to help the financially needy by giving them academic support in their learning .

SG Maths Cher

SGMathsCher is an initiative we started to produce videos that shows how Mathematics is fun and relevant in our daily lives. As these educational and informative videos are freely available to all children to view regardless of their family background, we hope that they will bridge the education gap between those who can afford private tuition and those who can’t.

Free Academic Support Classes

We partner the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and the Boon Lay Youth Network to run the Ninja Learn programme for less-privileged children as part of ComLink @ Boon Lay.

We are also collaborating with more Social Service Organisations to run more of such free classes to reach out to more less-privileged children.

TLCS Volunteers

Sharing Our Expertise and Resources

We partner with social service organisations to help train volunteers in teaching and provide our resources pro-bono so that less-privileged children can have access to quality education.

We have conducted Volunteer Training Workshops for volunteers from Marsiling Progress Class. We have also worked with other social enterprises such as 3Pumpkins Tak Takut Kids Club to customise learning materials to support their programmes.

Fee Subsidies

We provide fee subsidies for all our programmes to children on any form of financial assistance schemes.

Ad-hoc Events

We run ad-hoc events, such as the Grant-A-Wish project during Christmas 2020, that serve the beneficiaries in our programmes.

The (volunteer) teachers are very kind. I like how they teach me and make sure I really understand. I have learnt many things like how to do fractions and how to write an email.

— Student J, Primary 5

It was a great experience helping out with the Grant-A-Wish project! The thank you notes and smiles on the faces of the less-privileged children made all the time and effort collecting and wrapping the gifts worthwhile!

— Volunteer C, 33