Education is a powerful tool to bridge social divide and we hope to do our part to help the financially needy by giving them academic support in their learning. At TLCS, we believe that all children have the ability and potential to succeed in life regardless of their family background. As a volunteer group, we are committed to providing equitable education for all children.


We partner the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and the Boon Lay Youth Network to run the free Ninja Learn programme for less-privileged children as part of ComLink @ Boon Lay.

Volunteering with TLCS can be a rewarding and even useful experience. We have numerous volunteers such as Wen Yan,Qian Qianand Nurinwho do not have prior teaching experience. What they do have is a passion for teaching and/or the love and concern for children from less advantaged backgrounds.

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Eduitable is a project that we are currently working on to help train and equip volunteer teachers to teach Mathematics efficiently and effectively. We will be piloting this project in 2023 in Boon Lay, and hope to expand to other areas in the near future.


We partner with social service organisations to help train volunteers in teaching and provide our resources pro-bono so that less-privileged children can have access to quality education.

We have conducted Volunteer Training Workshops for volunteers from Marsiling Progress Class.

Ad-hoc Events

The Learners Collaborative School Social Entreprise

We run ad-hoc events, such as the yearly Grant-A-Wish project, that serve the beneficiaries in our programmes.

Wen Yan

I think I really like TLCS’ approach to volunteer tutoring. The teaching aids given have been a really huge help. I think my favourite part would be to see the kids finally understand a particular topic that they have been struggling with. Additionally, being able to see the kids confidently solve questions is also very rewarding. I have learned a lot from my students, mainly to be more patient with them. I have also learned to simplify my explanations, in order for students to better understand me.

Qian Qian

I signed up during the onset of the pandemic, when I was overcome with the urge to want to do something for my community in some way, through a means I’m good at. I’m a university student so I knew I could help students with their academics. But I had no prior tutoring experience, so volunteering with TLCS where there are no barriers to entry except for a willing heart was a great way forward for me. Tutoring the students with TLCS––through zoom––has given me a clear yet short glimpse into the myriad yet subtle obstacles to education.