1. Initial Deposit
    An initial deposit of the first month’s fees is payable upon registration. This initial payment is not refundable and not transferable. Should the student withdraw within the first 3 months of lessons, the deposit will be forfeited. Thereafter, the deposit will be used to offset the fees for the last month of study with the centre in the academic year. There will be no partial refund of deposit for any partial withdrawals throughout the year.
  2. Registration Fee
    A one-time registration fee of $20 is required for all new registrations. This registration fee is not refundable and not transferable. A re-registration fee of $20 will be levied on students who have withdrawn from the centre but who later on wish to resume lessons within 6 months.
  3. Material Fee
    Material fees are payable at $5 per month, and collected every half-yearly. Semester 1 covers December/January to May, while Semester 2 covers June to October/November. The material fee is required for all registrants. This material fee is not refundable and not transferable. This fee covers the cost of teaching materials for the whole year, including the printing of materials, specialist consultancy fees etc.
  4. Monthly Fee
    Fees are payable every month according to the numbers of weeks in the month. The published rates are the fees for 4 lessons; the fees for months with 5 lessons will be pro-rated. A fee reminder will be issued via WhatsApp 2 weeks before the payment due date. A list of payment dates will be sent to you via email on the confirmation of registration.
  5. Early Bird Registration Discount
    Early bird registration fees are only applicable for registrations completed before the stipulated dates. In the event of a partial withdrawal during the year, the early bird fees will be converted to the regular fees.
  6. Multiple Subjects Discount
    Multiple subject discount rates are only applicable for the specified number of subjects. In the event of a partial withdrawal during the year, the multiple subject discount will be reduced according to the published fee table.
  7. Centre Calendar and Make Up Lessons
    The centre will be closed and no lessons will be conducted on all Public Holidays and special School Holidays. A list of closure dates will be sent to you via email on the confirmation of registration. During weeks where the centre is closed, our teachers will notify the students on the make up class dates.
  8. Fee Payments
    All fee payments must be made before the stated due dates. The centre reserves the right to stop the child from attending lessons should payment not be made by the due dates. As part of the national efforts to digitalise payments, all payment must be made electronically, via one of the two methods below.
    A. PayNow to business UEN 202009548G, or
    B. Bank Transfer to DBS Corporate Account 072-020147-7.
    An electronic invoice will be sent to you on confirmation of receipt of payment.
  9. Notice of Withdrawal
    A one month notice of withdrawal must be given should a student wishes to withdraw from classes. The deposit will be used to pay for the last month of lessons. Should the withdrawal happen within the first three months, the deposit will be forfeited and the last month of lessons are still payable.
  10. Minimum Class Size
    A minimum of 2 students is required to commence a class. In the event that there is only 1 student in the class, one of the following will be recommended for the student:
    A. Join an existing class on another day of the week,
    B. The class can be started at an extra 50% surcharge of the published monthly fees.
  11. Absenteeism
    Should the student be absent from lesson for reasons excluding hospitalisation, the student can make up for the missed lesson by joining a similar class in another day of the week, or to watch the recorded lesson if available. If for any reason both are unavailable, the teacher may choose to conduct a short make up session with the student on a suitable timing. In any case, the centre is not compelled to arrange for a separate make up class just for one student.
    Should the student be hospitalised with a valid Medical Certificate, the centre will arrange a make up lesson should there be a no similar classes that the student is able to join. In any case, no parents’ letter will be entertained, and no fees will be refunded.
    In the event of an overseas trip, the fees will be pro-rated if valid travel documentation is provided at least one month before the dates of travel.
  12. Change in Class Details
    The centre reserves the right to change without the consent of the parents/guardians, the days/time/teachers of all classes and courses as deemed necessary.
  13. Well-being and Safety
    All students must perform Safe Entry Check-In, and have their temperatures taken and recorded before entering the centre. All parents/guardians are not allowed to wait for their child in the centre.
    If the student is ill, parents/guardians are not to bring the student to the centre. If the student is discovered to have fallen ill when in the centre, the staff will try to contact their parents/guardians immediately; or place the student under quarantine until their parents/guardians arrive; or seek professional medical attention. Parents/guardians will bear the full expenses incurred.
  14. Indemnity of Centre
    Parents/guardians and students shall indemnify the centre, its management and its appointees from any claims arising from accidental hurt/death during the class, although the centre shall take whatever precautionary measure necessary.
  15. Copyright
    Reproduction of our centre’s teaching materials, in whole or in part, to any person, firm or company, except with the expressed consent of the centre, is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. The student will be banned from registering in our centre and all initial deposits will be forfeited.
  16. Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
    The centre is authorised to use the personal information collected for data collection and to contact the parents/guardians/students for any matters relating to the courses and programmes offered by the centre. The centre is also authorised to publish the names, and as well as photographs and videos taken of the parents/guardians/students during different events for both internal and external publicities. Consent may be withdrawn regarding the use and disclosure of personal data for receiving emails, calls or appeal letters with regards to courses and programmes offered by the centre when the parents/guardians/students do not feel comfortable receiving any more information. Please refer to http://www.pdpc.gov.sg for more details.
  17. Changes in Terms and Conditions
    The centre reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions from time to time as deemed necessary.