1. I wish to serve as a volunteer in The Learners Collaborative Education Centre. I understand that its mission is to “provide all students with the opportunities to develop future skills and excel academically, regardless of their family background.”
  2. Should I be accepted as a volunteer, I undertake:
    i. to represent wholesome values to the people I serve.
    ii. to be accountable to the staff-in-charge for all matters relating to my service in The Learners Collaborative Education Centre.
    iii. not to directly or indirectly abuse my position for personal or business gain.
    iv. not to retain or use any confidential information I come across in the course of my voluntary service for any purpose except in direct connection with my volunteer service.
  3. I declare that all information provided in this application are correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I have not withheld any material information. I understand that I may be dismissed for any breach of ethical conduct, including falsification of information.
  4. In accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act, I hereby give my consent to The Learners Collaborative Education Centre to use my personal information for data collection and to contact me for any matters relating to my volunteer service.
  5. I allow The Learners Collaborative Education Centre to publish my name, and as well as photographs & videos taken of me during different events for both internal & external publicities.
  6. I accept that I may be subject to a security screening process prior to confirmation and deployment for the use of my services. This is subjected to as per case by case basis.
  7. I agree that The Learners Collaborative Education Centre reserves the right to reject my application or change my deployment when necessary to better utilise my intended skillset for the beneficiaries.
  8. I understand that participating in the activities of The Learners Collaborative Education Centre involves a certain level of risks. The organisation will not be held liable for any costs, damages, charges and expenses OR injuries, loss and damage incurred during participation of the programmes/activities.
  9. Consent withdrawal – I may also withdraw my consent to the use and disclosure of my personal data for receiving emails, calls or appeal letters with regards to volunteer or donor opportunities when I do not feel comfortable receiving any more information. *For more information, please refer to https://www.pdpc.gov.sg/ for more details.
    Behaviour & Conduct
    Volunteers are expected to maintain an acceptable and respectful behaviour and conduct during all voluntary duties to protect the interest and safety of beneficiaries.
    Dress Code
    All volunteers are to be dressed in smart casual attire. Any revealing clothing are strongly discouraged.
    Confidentiality of Information
    Any information of the beneficiaries (family background, learning issues, family issues) disclosed during the programme must not be shared externally.
    Boundaries with Beneficiaries
    Volunteers are not allowed to have any form of contact beyond programme hours. This includes disclosing personal contact details and/or social media accounts. Any bestowment of gift(s) is also not allowed unless permission is given. Intimate body contact such as hugging, sitting on laps is also not allowed.
    Commitment Period
    Full commitment throughout the duration of the programme is needed. Staff should be notified if they are unable to attend any session. When one is unable to complete programme due to valid reasons, 1 week’s notice should be given.